Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Purpose in an Artistic Profession

I was honored to be chosen for the 1988 Kentucky Governor's School For the Arts program. Now 23 years later, I humbly accept the Marlene M. Helm Alumni Achievement Award on behalf of the Kentucky educators, students, and families who have influenced my artistic purpose.

A purpose realized in 2006, when Mrs. Michelle Brantley invited me to share my artistic journey with the students of Cuba Elementary in Graves County, Kentucky. Not only a teacher at Cuba Elementary, but also my little sister, Michelle felt students would be inspired by my message.

I was no public speaker! I said to myself, "What's the worst that could happen?" The question I should have asked myself was, "WHAT'S THE BEST THAT COULD HAPPEN?"

Students embraced my story of a rural Kentucky boy seeking a purpose within his artistic gift. The boy's passion for books along with his inspiring mentors in public school, art camp, and the GSA program helped him achieve his "dream profession." This story not only defined the purpose of my life, but also the lives of many Kentucky students! This was the day I realized artists inspire others.

On June 24th, 2011, I challenged the GSA Visual Art students as I challenge other artists. "Will you become an Inspired Artist or an Inspiring Artist?" My definition of each was as follows:

Inspired Artists are creative people who allow life experiences to influence art.

Inspiring Artists are creative people with a passion for influencing lives through art.

No matter which you become, art is a depiction of human emotion, imagination, and creativity which inspires generations. Have a purposeful talent and each day will be filled with rewards!

Mark Wayne Adams

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