Friday, June 1, 2012

How do I establish myself as a speaker in schools?

The short answer:  One event at a time!  Establishing yourself as a speaker doesn't happen through self proclamation.  Here are three rules I followed entering the children's book market.

  • Be informative, entertaining, and professional.  These qualities set speakers apart from wannabes and mundane know-it-alls. Informative enough that attendees leave empowered hearing your message. Entertaining in a way that attendees share their experience others.  And professional in the execution of a quality message.  
  • Speak with audiences.  Speak "with" audiences and you'll communicate "with" everyone. Speaking "at" or "to" audiences creates a disconnect. Having connections leads to referrals and repeat attendance. These followers more than likely bring friends each time they hear you speak.
  • Connect with other professional speakers. Attend others events to watch the speaker and audience interactions.  Take notes.  How do they connect?  Can their technique be applied to your public speaking? Most speakers are great mentors.  Especially, when the mentee pays attention, asks valid questions, and applies techniques.

Author & Illustrator of King for a Day: The Story of Stories

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