Thursday, October 27, 2011

Contact Authors: Step 3 "4 Relationship Builders"

  • Follow up one week later with an email reminding the person of your first email. End your second email with: “please kindly respond upon receipt.” Most people will feel obligated to respond as a kind gesture.
  • FAQ’s Section Reduce email time by pasting answers to frequently asked questions into email messages. If the fonts don’t match, please correct this. This simple gesture let’s the person feel as though the message was typed just for them. Choose a simple default font, Arial, Helvetica, etc.
  • Give correct information. If the information isn’t readily available, don’t make something up. Kindly say, “Great question! I will research this and get back with you shortly.” Honesty builds credibility and prevents frustration.
  • Be a good listener. Observation is key. Is an author confident, shy, scary, or on a wanted poster? Is the author a professional, retired, in-between jobs, or looking for investors on non paying idea? Does the author have experience, a publishing background, or are they high school drop outs? Is the author a homeowner, married, single, divorced, parent, pet owner, or living at home in the moment? How can the questions be asked politely? Simple F-O-R-M! F-Family, O-Occupation, R-Recreation, and M-Money. Use these examples:
  1. Mr. Smith do you come from a large family? I bet the Smith children love to read your stories!
  2. I bet you use your talent in your occupation. What does your employer think of your writing?
  3. I run for fun. What would Mr. Smith do for recreation? I noticed you like sports Mr. Smith, do you play?
  4. I bet working for your company is financially rewarding. If money were not an issue, what are 5 things you’d do for free Mr. Smith?
Mark Wayne Adams
CEO, MWA, Inc.

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