Thursday, October 27, 2011

Contact Authors: Step 4 "Set a Date."

Lock into a date on the third email.
Determine when a client wants to release their book. If the project is six (6) months from starting, kindly email the client once every other month. Keep the enthusiasm created in the first email alive throughout all emails. Offer specific windows of illustration opportunities on your schedule. Offering a discount for working within a specific window can help keep professional illustrators busy all year.

Referrals are acceptable.
If a project is not of interest or deadline unreasonable, refer the project to another professional illustrator. Referring good contacts to other professional illustrators builds a great network of resources. An illustrators health, business, or personal life may require support from this network. Some professional illustrators may offer a referral fee for good referrals.

Mark Wayne Adams
CEO, MWA, Inc.

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