Monday, December 5, 2011

Requesting a Printing Quote

The success of any publishing project is accuracy in budget, materials, and time. Every member of the production team works more efficiently having accurate print specifications. Provide or require this list of information in a printing quote. Share the quote with the team prior to starting the project.
  1. Date of quote:
  2. Title of book or project:
  3. Printer Name:
  4. Printer Contact Name:
  5. Printer Address:
  6. City, State Zip:
  7. Email Address:
  8. Phone:
  9. Website:
  10. Book trim size: (Examples: 6" X 9", 8.5" X 11")
  11. Page Count: (Which is usually in 8 page signatures or 4 page half signatures. Children's books are generally 32 pages.  Examples: 16, 24, 32, 36, 40, or 48 pages.)
  12. Quantity: (Larger press runs yield lower unit cost which can provide a greater return on the net sales for the project.)
  13. Paper type: (Gloss, matte, or recycled papers give different appearances when printed. Example: Covers or body pages printed on matte paper show scuffing more easily.)
  14. Ink: (Full color pages [4/4] verses one color [1/1] or two [2/2] color books.)
  15. Bleeds: (Bleeds are images that print to the edge of the page. Body pages often require 1/8" [.125"])
  16. Cover: (Soft or hard cover book. Printed, materials, and weight.)
  17. Jacket: (Four color [4/0], metallic, embossed, and finish.)
  18. Spine: (The Spine is center of the Cover. The dimensions are usually calculated based on page count and material thickness.)
  19. Binding: (Perfect bound, smythe sewn, or specialty binding.)
  20. Files to Printer: (Application file: InDesign, Quark, etc. or Press PDF's. Date of print file submission. Type of file transfer: FTP or via disk. Proofing requirements: printed, PDF, or color correct proofs.)
  21. Shipping: (Provide the shipping destination for the final product. Determine the size of vehicle delivering the books, will fork lifts be required, number of pallets, number of boxes, weight of each case, and number of books per case. Provide/request a printed decal on each box. Decals should include: ISBN#, book title, author, publisher address, quantity per case, weight, and any other information a distributor may require.)
Use these guidelines when requesting a quote for your next book project.

Mark Wayne Adams
President Elect, FAPA (Florida Authors & Publishers Association)

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