Monday, December 9, 2013

How Authorpreneurs Profit from Fewer Sales

Ever wonder how authorpreneurs profit from fewer book sales? We capture the 90% income traditional publishers receive.

As an author, ask yourself these two questions.

1.  Is it better to sell 500 books and receive a $.20 royalty per book to earn $100? Over a one year period 10,000 books earns $2,000.00 in royalties. Or

2.  Is it better to sell 10 books and receive $10 profit per book to earn $100? Over a year an authorpreneur sells 200 books and earns $2,000.00 in profit.

Some authors debate 500 readers is better than 10 readers. Traditional publishers agree because they receive 90% of the income. 500 readers means $5,000.00 to a publisher. Best-selling authors release a prolific number of books due to low income from annual royalties.

Publishers use authors' fan base for repeat success with each new book. Transitioning from traditionally published to indie author is sometimes a slow process. Authors planning to indie publish should address the need for fans' contact information with their publisher. Authors who capture fans' contact information have better success. 

Mark Wayne Adams

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